Asian pension fund investors continue to further diversify their assets outside the region, according to Mercer’s 2022 Asset Allocation Insights report, which summarizes the decisions pension fund investors make with their investment strategies in each region . Source: Mercer Asset Allocation Outlook 2022 “In our view, this trend is oneRead More →

The author is a finance and economics commentator and former global head of asset allocation at Columbia Threadneedle Investments The £1.5billion number is significant – at least in a UK context. It accounts for 40% of the UK institutional asset management market, two-thirds of gross domestic product and around theRead More →

According to research by Morningstar Indexes, pension funds and other asset owners in North America and Europe are adopting sustainable investment practices for their portfolios. According to the “Voice of the Asset Owner” survey, based on 14 interviews with asset owners, pension funds viewed ESG investing as central to investing.Read More →

European pension funds are required to declare their investments in nuclear energy and natural gas as sustainable according to the EU sustainable taxonomy, which means additional reporting work for pension funds. Previous critics of the European Commission’s proposal, including the Netherlands’ Pensioenfederatie, are disappointed with the decision. On Wednesday, 278Read More →

On 23 June 2022, the interinstitutional agreement “Regulations for the creation of savings and/or pension funds established by the tax consultation law and its reforms” entered into force. By this regulation, the creation of the Savings and/or Pension Funds Commission was agreed, formed by the Ministry of Finance and PublicRead More →

Corporate pension funds in Japan struggle to identify best allocation strategies as reverberations of global disruptive events ripple through emerging markets in Asia, top pension funds say . As China’s economy is tested by the shutdowns and general repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as regulatory interventions that haveRead More →

According to Aeon Investments, more than two-fifths (43%) of pension funds and other institutional investors expect the performance of fixed income securities to deteriorate further over the next 12 months, with 13% expecting a significant drop. The research comes after global bond markets suffered “significant losses” in recent months. MoreRead More →

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis explained the main benefits of pension credit and how Britons could get support. It comes as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) celebrates Pension Credit Action Day. It is part of a new advertising campaign aimed at encouraging increased take-up of the benefit among pensioners.Read More →

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit claimants were underpaid by around £2.6billion in the 2021/22 financial year, according to new reports. Additionally, others claiming benefits from the UK government department have been overpaid by an estimated £8.6billion collectively. As The Mirror reports, it is the result of mistakes madeRead More →

Advertising As Canadian lawmakers meet to discuss the second anniversary of the introduction of the draconian national security law in Hong Kong, they will also consider the issue of Canadian pension funds passively investing in Chinese stocks and bonds linked to serious human rights violations. Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine,Read More →

The pension credit is separate from the state pension, which is automatically paid to Britons once they reach statutory retirement age. The extra cash helps cover living costs and has become increasingly important in recent months as energy bills and inflation continue to soar. Are you entitled to pension credit?Read More →

Hedge fund and private equity managers are complaining to anyone who will listen (mostly Republican senators) that Gary Gensler’s plans to shed additional light on the opacities of their art more or less portend the end of the civilization. Rules that would require more uniform disclosures and subject funds toRead More →

Pension plans and other institutional investors are adopting a federal proposal that would require hedge funds and private equity funds to provide more information to investors. University endowments, insurance funds and pension funds serving teachers and firefighters are urging the Securities and Exchange Commission to move forward with a proposedRead More →

The 2021 financial year was an excellent year for public pensions. According According to funding data from Pew Charitable Trusts, a decade of rising pension contributions has been bolstered by the 2021 reopening rally. As a result, public pensions in all 50 states have seen their funded ratios exceed 80%,Read More →

Discussions on attracting much-needed investment to Africa have generally focused on non-African sources: foreign companies, multilateral financial institutions and non-African institutional investors. Yet much more attention is now being given to investment funds based on the continent itself. As the size of African pension and social security funds grows, theyRead More →

This marks another milestone in the push to be “green” when investing. Plan members already expect to see a responsible investment approach from their managers, adding to the pressure on administrators to produce a cohesive and measured sustainability strategy. These disclosures will further fuel a movement toward responsible pension investing.Read More →

More than 1,000 Ukrainian refugees over retirement age who are eligible for this financial assistance are benefiting from it. The payment is designed to support low-income people with top-ups, as well as open up eligibility for other aid. This includes free TV licenses for over-75s, council tax help and freeRead More →

New Delhi: The Ministry of Defense has requested Defense Pensioners to complete their annual life identification/certification process by May 25, 2022 to ensure proper processing of the monthly pension. “After verifying the data received as of 17 May 2022, it was found that 43,774 retirees who were migrated to theRead More →

Largest corporate pension plans ranked by funded ratio – plan assets as a percentage of projected benefit obligation – as of December 31, 2021, unless otherwise noted. Dollars are in millions. Rank plan sponsor Funding rate Fair value of plan assets Performance obligation Funded Status Long-term expected rate of returnRead More →

Credit Suisse shareholders have rejected the proposal for a special audit aimed at clearly determining the bank’s position on the Greensill affair and the so-called Swiss Secrets presented by the Ethos Foundation and seven pension funds at its general meeting Annual Meeting (AGM) last Friday. Shareholders rejected the company’s proposalRead More →

An aerial view shows a compressor station for the German natural gas grid at Open Grid Europe (OGE), one of Europe’s largest gas transmission grid operators, in Werne, Germany March 24.INA FASSBENDER/AFP/Getty Images Four of Canada’s largest pension plans have significant stakes in European gas pipeline or gas distribution companiesRead More →