This marks another milestone in the push to be “green” when investing. Plan members already expect to see a responsible investment approach from their managers, adding to the pressure on administrators to produce a cohesive and measured sustainability strategy. These disclosures will further fuel a movement toward responsible pension investing.Read More →

More than 1,000 Ukrainian refugees over retirement age who are eligible for this financial assistance are benefiting from it. The payment is designed to support low-income people with top-ups, as well as open up eligibility for other aid. This includes free TV licenses for over-75s, council tax help and freeRead More →

New Delhi: The Ministry of Defense has requested Defense Pensioners to complete their annual life identification/certification process by May 25, 2022 to ensure proper processing of the monthly pension. “After verifying the data received as of 17 May 2022, it was found that 43,774 retirees who were migrated to theRead More →

Largest corporate pension plans ranked by funded ratio – plan assets as a percentage of projected benefit obligation – as of December 31, 2021, unless otherwise noted. Dollars are in millions. Rank plan sponsor Funding rate Fair value of plan assets Performance obligation Funded Status Long-term expected rate of returnRead More →

Credit Suisse shareholders have rejected the proposal for a special audit aimed at clearly determining the bank’s position on the Greensill affair and the so-called Swiss Secrets presented by the Ethos Foundation and seven pension funds at its general meeting Annual Meeting (AGM) last Friday. Shareholders rejected the company’s proposalRead More →