About 600 cross-border workers could miss an eligible pension credit

PENSIONERS in the Scottish Borders could lose thousands of pounds by failing to claim eligible pension credit.

Pension Credit is a top-up for the most vulnerable pensioners worth an average of £3,300 a year.

As well as being a cash supplement to the state pension, it is a passport to a range of other benefits.

This includes things like a free TV license for the over 75s, council tax reduction, access to a warm house discount, housing allowance, cold weather payments and grants. insulation and boiler from your energy company.

At the borders there are around 2,300 pension credit claimants according to the Department for Work and Pensions. However, it is believed that around 25% of eligible people in the UK do not claim it.

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This could mean that there are hundreds of people in the Borders who are missing significant additional income.

The UK government has launched a major campaign to encourage eligible pensioners, and those who care for and support older people, to access the help they are entitled to.

The pension credit can be requested online, by telephone or by mail. Information is available on the Gov.UK website www.gov.uk/pension-credit or by calling the free Pension Credit application line on 0800 99 1234.

MP Guy Opperman, Minister for Pensions, said: “Pension Credit provides a living ‘supplementary’ income to some of our most vulnerable pensioners – worth over £3,300 on average.

“The good news is that the latest figures show take-up is at the highest level since 2010 and around 1.4 million pensioners are currently benefiting. do not.

“That’s why I’m working hard to make sure everyone knows where to get the extra help they’re entitled to.”

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John Lamont, MP for Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk, said: ‘There are hundreds of pensioners across Scottish borders who are likely to be receiving thousands of pounds from the UK government, plus a host of other benefits, as they do not claim pension credit. .

“In total, this could mean the Borderers lose millions of pounds.

“As rising inflation continues to hit people’s pockets, it could really make a difference for hundreds of households in our area.

“It’s welcome that over 2,000 people are already claiming this border benefit, but I want to see that number grow even more.”