BENEFIT EXPERT: The pension credit stopped after a friend moved in – why?

I didn’t think my pension credit was affected by someone living with you unless they were living with you as a couple?

A. You are correct in what you say that living with someone as a couple would change your rights, however, it can also be affected if a friend is living with you under certain circumstances.

You may have had a severe disability supplement included in your pension credit allowance – this can only be paid if you apply for medium or high rate Disability Living Allowance care (or a disability allowance). care or a personal independence payment for daily life), if you do not receive childcare allowance to take care of you and if you live alone or only with people who receive one of these childcare allowances. disability.

If your friend does not claim one of these disability benefits, you would no longer be entitled to the severe disability supplement.

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For some people, this would result in a reduction in their pension credit.

However, for people who only receive a small amount, it would cause the application to stop altogether.

It would be worth considering whether or not your friend would qualify for a disability benefit, as you may both be eligible for a severe disability supplement.

Q. I am disabled and my wife takes care of me. She was looking for work or volunteer work and wanted to know if it would affect her care allowance?

A. The care allowance is subject to an income limit of £ 128 per week (this figure may change each tax year and is based on the income limit you would pay National Insurance over), so your wife would not receive any child care allowance for weeks in which she earns more than this amount.

If you receive means-tested benefits as a couple, they are likely to be affected by their salary.

Volunteering would not prevent your wife from claiming care allowance as long as she is still able to meet the requirement to provide 35 hours per week of care.