Bolton At Home encourages people to check pension credit eligibility

Social housing provider Bolton At Home is encouraging older people in Greater Manchester to check if they are eligible for supplementary pension payments.

The appeal comes after figures revealed around 36,000 eligible households are missing around £70million in unclaimed pension credit.

In the borough alone, Bolton at Home estimated there were over 4,000 eligible households and £8million unclaimed.

Research also suggests the cost of unclaimed pension credits to Greater Manchester’s health and social care sector is £180million.

Pension Credit, a benefit designed to bring pensioners’ weekly income down to a minimum amount, could improve those who are entitled to £34 a week on average, with some people able to claim much higher amounts.

Bolton At Home is part of Greater Manchester Housing Providers, a partnership of 24 social housing providers

Pressure on living standards caused by rising inflation and high energy bills has made it even more important for some to check whether they qualify for pension credit, care allowance and Housing allowance.

Karen Mitchell is Aging Wells Manager for Greater Manchester Housing Providers and Managing Director of Southway Housing Trust.

She said: “For many people, that little extra income can make a crucial difference between struggling to pay the bills and living more comfortably.”