If you’re looking for extra money in retirement, as unfortunately too many retirees are, it’s worth checking that you’re claiming all the state benefits you’re entitled to. Surprisingly, millions of low-income retirees are not claiming maximum government support, often because they don’t know what is available. The pension credit isRead More →

More than a third (40%) of those eligible for Pension Credit have not claimed the benefit, with up to £2.5billion unclaimed, new government statistics have revealed. New statistics from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have shown that 30% of available credit goes unclaimed, with families who qualify butRead More →

Almost half (46 percent) of eligible retired homeowners claim no state benefits, according to Just Group ‘s tenth annual state benefit survey. Research suggests they could run out on average £ 1,423 per year per household. Another two in 10 people (18%) claim state benefits but receive too little, accordingRead More →

The increase in the money available to grieving families to help cover the costs of the funeral was announced by the Minister of Social Delivery on Saturday. This is in addition to existing payments to help pay for funeral necessities, such as burial or cremation costs. According to the DepartmentRead More →

The pension credit was introduced in 2003 to financially help Britons reach retirement age. The plan is income-linked and helps low-income people with additional payments. But many don’t realize how much they’re entitled to, and with the upcoming changes to pension credit, you might be missing out. What is theRead More →

Figures in this release relate to England, Scotland and Wales. Policy background and introduction 1. A “mixed age” couple is a couple where one member is above and the other is below the minimum age for pension credit eligibility[footnote 1]. 2. The pension credit is intended to provide long-term supportRead More →

Full board credit: your weekly income at £ 177.10 if you are single your joint weekly income of £ 270.30 if you have a partner You can get additional amounts if you have other responsibilities and costs. The top-up and the additional amounts are called “guarantee credit”. If you haveRead More →

You must live in England, Scotland or Wales and be of statutory retirement age to be eligible for pension credit. If you are from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you and your family usually also need settlement or pre-settlement status under the settlement program of the EU toRead More →