DWP Pushes Support For Heating Retirement Credit As Energy Suppliers Launch ‘Above Inflation’ Hikes | Personal Finances | Finance

The pension credit was pushed by the DWP today as applicants were reminded that they could receive additional help with their energy bills. That direction came when it emerged that SSE, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power and E.On were all set to increase their prices from October 1.

A full list of energy providers participating in the program is available on the government’s website, but the list includes E.on, Ovo, Scottish Power, and SSE.

Importantly, it recently emerged that all of these companies will be increasing their standard variable rates from October.

Tom Lyon, Director of Energy at energyhelpline.com, commented: “The news that SSE, Ovo Energy, E.On and Scottish Power are the latest suppliers to announce an above-inflation increase in their standard variable tariffs will be disappointing news for customers. on these low value deals and will leave many households with monthly energy bills of over £ 100.

“The only way to avoid this price hike is to move to a fixed energy deal, but consumers need to act quickly because with each passing day the price of the cheapest offer on the market goes up.”

Claims for pension credit can be made up to four months before a person reaches the statutory retirement age.

Pension credit requests can be made online, by phone or by mail.

When applying, applicants will need to have certain information, including their national insurance numbers and information on their income levels.

Full details on the pension credit are available on the government website.