DWP urges Britons above retirement age to verify pension credit eligibility | Personal Finances | Finance

The pension credit is a means-tested benefit intended to help people who have reached the legal retirement age and have low incomes. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which is responsible for paying for this benefit, urges people to verify their eligibility.

Alternatively, the DWP tweet asked people to call 0800 99 1234.

The pension credit is separate from the state pension.

It can be claimed by eligible people, even if they have other income, savings or if they own their home.

Applying for a pension credit may also open up other forms of support.

The government website says: “If you get pension credit, you can also get other help, such as:

  • Housing allowance if you rent the property in which you live
  • Mortgage interest coverage if you own the property you live in
  • Municipal tax reduction
  • A free TV license if you are 75 or over
  • Help with NHS dental care, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments
  • Help with your heating costs. “

In addition, if a person obtains the collateral credit element of the pension credit, they will automatically receive cold weather payments.

Additionally, it is possible to use the Pension Credit Calculator to determine how much a person might get.

The user of this GOV.UK service will need details of income, benefits and pensions, as well as savings and investments.

They will need the same details for their partner, if they have one.

The government is asking people to contact the pension service helpline if they are unsure whether they are entitled to additional amounts.