DWP urges pensioners to apply for pension credit as £1.7bn unclaimed

The DWP has urged people to apply for a pension credit as thousands seem to be running out of money that could really help improve their lives. According to the Center for Aging Better’s annual report on aging, more than two million retirees live in poverty.

So Pension Credit, a state benefit available to anyone over retirement age and earning less than £182.60 a week, could be a lifeline for many Britons, reports the Express. With energy bills set to rise further in October, today issued a reminder to retirees and their families to check whether they are receiving all the financial aid to which they are entitled.

Almost a million (850,000) Britons of retirement age do not benefit from the pension credit, which would increase their income. It also guarantees them additional help in the form of a housing allowance, help with mortgage interest and a free TV licence.

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The state benefit claim means single pensioners’ incomes will be boosted to up to £182.60 a week, and couples will be eligible if they earn less than £287.70 together and will have their incomes boosted to up to this amount if they do not.

On average, pension credit can be worth up to £3,300 a year, but that’s not the only thing pensioners who don’t claim lose. Pension Credit is the most under-claimed benefit in the UK, despite the support it can offer pensioners.

It acts as a gateway benefit to other benefits and “freebies” that could help retirees make huge savings on their energy bills. Some people are put off applying because they earn a little less than the threshold, but it’s important to note that just qualifying for a little pension credit opens the door to so many other freebies that could save thousands of people.

Pensions Minister Guy Opperman said: “We recognize the challenges some pensioners will face with the cost of living, which is why promoting pension credit is a priority.” Mr Opperman continued: “We are calling on anyone who has family, friends and loved ones to check in with them and see if they can get this extra financial support, which could make a huge difference in people’s daily lives. people. “

Martin Lewis, Founder and Chairman of MoneySavingExpert.com, said: “In the midst of the cost of living crisis, it is a national tragedy that one million retirees are not enjoying a major boost to their incomes. My rule of thumb is if you (or someone you know) are aged 66 or over and have a total income of less than around £200 a week, go online or call the credit application line to see if you owe a payment of up to £3,300 a year.

“I’m not saying everyone will have it, but many will, and it only takes a few minutes to find out. So don’t delay, just call.” Pension credit applicants can also apply for:

  • Reduced council tax bills
  • Capped water bills
  • £140 Warm Home rebate scheme on fuel bills
  • £25 in cold weather payments
  • Disabled Facilities Grant (up to £30,000) to make modifications to a home
  • Homeowners can claim up to £10,000 to pay for a boiler
  • Homeowners can get help paying for double glazing under the Green Homes Scheme
  • Up to £300 in winter fuel payments
  • Free wigs or cloth support provided by the NHS
  • Help with housing costs
  • Help with funeral expenses
  • Bereavement support benefits
  • Reduced court costs.

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