Eligible retirees urged to apply for pension credit under new campaign

It comes as new figures show many pensioners could be missing out on Pension Credit, a vital financial boost that can be worth more than £3,300 a year.

From this month, advertising for Pension Credit will appear in internet search results and social media, before being extended to national and regional newspapers.

The Department for Work and Pensions will also distribute leaflets within local communities, while businesses can also get involved in the campaign by spreading the word to their customers using the Department’s digital toolkit and encouraging them to call the complaints line between the hours of 8am-6pm.

All state pension recipients will continue to receive pension credit reminders in the mail as part of the department’s annual upgrade communications.

Currently, more than 1.4 million pensioners in Britain receive pension credit. However, many are still unclaiming this extra financial help and it is estimated that up to £1.7billion is unclaimed. This is why the DWP renews its calls to all retirees to check if they could be eligible.

Pensions Minister Guy Opperman said:

We recognize the challenges some retirees will face with the cost of living, which is why promoting pension credit is a priority.

That’s why we’re calling on anyone who has family, friends and loved ones in retirement to check in with them and see if they can get this extra financial support.

The campaign also includes challenging some of the myths that can keep people from applying, such as having savings, a pension or owning a home are not necessarily barriers to getting credit. pension.

It also reminds people that even a small grant can provide access to a wide range of other benefits, such as help with housing costs, council tax or heating bills. For people over 75, this includes maintaining the right to a free TV license.

Pension Credit can be applied for by phone and online, ensuring that seniors can apply safely and easily wherever they are. The online Pension Credit Calculator is also available to help retirees check if they are likely to be eligible and get an estimate of what they might receive.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:

The pension credit can make a big difference if you have reached the legal retirement age and you don’t have a lot of money. With prices rising rapidly right now, it’s more important than ever to claim what’s rightfully yours. We urge anyone who thinks they are eligible to make a claim and Age UK is here to provide advice and practical support to help you through the process.

Pension credit is a well-kept secret – many people just haven’t heard of it. It’s such a shame because at Age UK we see how much it helps those who actually receive it. We hope this campaign is the first step in a sustained government effort to bring the pension credit to the attention of the older public, and we wholeheartedly support it for that reason. Pension Credit is really important for seniors and deserves to be much better known.

Morgan Vine, Head of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, said:

We welcome this campaign to increase the use of pension credit. We know this support can be life changing, but for too long too many eligible over 65s have been missing out.

Seniors told us that before receiving the pension credit, they skipped meals, struggled with a cold house and felt isolated as they refused to see people because they couldn’t even afford a cup of tea in a cafe.

With the cost of living crisis making life even harder for those over 65, it has never been more urgent to act on Pension Credit. Awareness campaigns are part of the strategic approach needed at this critical time, so it is very positive to see the government working with local partners to provide awareness materials.

We look forward to seeing the impact of this campaign, so that further swift action can be taken to target those who are missing out.

The pension credit is designed to help cover day-to-day living costs for people over state pension age and on low incomes, although you do not need to be in receipt of a state pension for the to receive.

It supplements a person’s income to a minimum of £177.10 per week for single pensioners or £270.30 for couples. These amounts will increase to £182.60 per week for single pensioners and £278.70 for couples from April 11.

More information

  • Knowing that one of the best ways to reach eligible customers is through trusted actors working in the community, the government has also developed the Pension Credit Toolkit as an online tool that Agencies and social advocacy organizations can use to encourage subscription.
  • For more information, to use the free online calculator, to check eligibility or to apply, visit Pension Credit or call 0800 99 1234.

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