Martin Lewis Reveals Pension Credit Applicants May Get Additional Discounts and Save Money | Personal Finances | Finance

“It opens up potential eligibility for a whole range of other things,” he said.

“You know the free TV license for June [for over 75s who get Pension Credit], but there is also: some municipalities will grant you a reduction of the council tax of up to 100% if you benefit from a pension credit.

“There is the Big Energy Company Warm Home Discount worth £ 140 per year if you qualify for the guaranteed element of the pension credit. “

If it is really cold in a certain area, Lewis pointed out that affected pension credit recipients could also get a cold weather payment from the DWP.

“Some councils will also give you housing allowance if you have a pension credit. Ask your water company if you can get a discount of up to 50%.

“EON, npower have grants for home insulation and boiler coverage for those on the secured element of retirement credit, even if you are not their clients.

“Ask your optician, can you get a voucher for your glasses and contact lenses, ask your dentist if you qualify for free NHS dental treatment. “

Urging members of the public to consider in more detail whether they or their loved ones are eligible, he continued: “This is why 1.3 million people are not enjoying the benefit and this is something we have to change. “

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