Moray’s advisor urges PAOs to verify pension credit eligibility

WITH winter on the horizon, a Moray advisor is urging eligible retirees to ensure they are claiming a pension credit.

Councilor Sonya Warren urges PAOs to verify if they are eligible for the pension credit. Photo: Daniel Forsyth

Councilor Sonya Warren (Buckie, SNP) pointed out that many PAOs needlessly make unenviable choices between turning on their heat or putting food on the table.

She said: “Winter can be a difficult time for many retirees.

“The Rowntree Foundation estimates that there are around two million retirees in the UK living in poverty.

“For many of them, winter comes with a difficult choice between heating and eating.

“However, around £ 3 billion in pension credits go unclaimed each year, an amount that could make a huge difference for many of our retirees.

“Besides the obvious increase in a retiree’s income that the pension credit can provide, it should also be noted that it can act as a gateway to other benefits depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant. energy bills.

“I urge all retirees to check if they are eligible for the pension credit, even if they think at the moment they will not be.”

Visit to check pension credit eligibility.

The pension credit is separate from the state pension. PAOs can get a pension credit even if they have other income, savings, or own their own home.

It supplements weekly income to £ 177.10 for single retirees and common weekly income to £ 270.30 if they have a partner.

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