New pension credit rules could cost some with younger partners £ 7,000 a year

My partner and I will not be eligible – what can we do?

If you miss the deadline to apply for a pension credit under the old rules – or if you become eligible for the pension credit on or after May 15, but your partner has not reached the required age – you will need to apply for a benefit pension credit instead.

This means applying for universal credit – although if you are past the legal retirement age, you won’t have to meet any work-related conditions to receive it.

Those forced to claim universal credit rather than pension credit could be worse off by up to £ 7,300 per year. This figure is based on a person who would have been entitled to the maximum pension credit of £ 255.25 per week (as of April 2019), but instead receives the maximum universal credit of £ 114.85 per week.

Of course, the amount you would be entitled to in practice depends on your other income and savings – and this figure also does not take into account that you will lose access to other benefits available to loan recipients. pension, such as housing allowance.

It’s also important to remember that unlike pension credit, where a partner can claim for both of you, you will both need to apply for universal credit. Check out our guide to universal credit for full help filing a claim.