Dan Petrella and Rick Pearson Chicago Tribune SPRINGFIELD – Gov. JB Pritzker’s administration on Thursday released a plan to deal with Illinois’ chronically underfunded public pensions that called for injecting more money from a proposed progressive income tax, spreading out the payments over a longer period, adding $ 2 billionRead More →

The retreat conclaves that were held around the turn of the decade were instructive affairs for people like me. This was the pre-National Pension System (NPS) era. Participants, typically policymakers, think tanks, fund managers and annuity providers, reflected on pension plan design, regulation, ecosystem and global best practices. Time wasRead More →

Millions of Canadians have had their pension funds allocated in offshore funds – without being properly informed, according to a report released yesterday. Canadian news organization Radio-Canada conducted an investigation based on the Paradise Papers leak which says it discovered that millions of ordinary Canadians have an interest in moneyRead More →

When you invest for your retirement through products such as the National Pension System (NPS) or a retirement plan offered by life insurance companies, the construction of the product is such that at the end of the investment period – at your retirement – you take the accumulated corpus toRead More →

Insurance companies and pension funds are not really financial instruments as a whole. However, the components of their activities can and may be worth closer examination for further investigation into financial instruments. Key points to remember Overall, insurance companies and pension funds are generally not considered financial instruments. Insurance companiesRead More →

In recent years, traditional retirement plans, also called pension funds, have been gradually disappearing from the private sector. Today, public sector employees, such as civil servants, are the largest group with active and growing pension funds. This article explains how other traditional pension plans work. Key points to remember TraditionalRead More →

A superannuation plan is a retirement plan that requires an employer to make contributions to a pool of funds set aside for a worker’s future benefits. The fund pool is invested in the employee’s name, and earnings on the investments generate income for the retired worker. Pension fund assets mustRead More →

At first glance, lofty investment return assumptions may seem unreasonably optimistic, but pension plans have a potential justification. Some accounting rules for public pension plans provide grounds for optimism, as public plans discount their liabilities based on their assumed rate of return rather than a credit rate of appropriate duration.Read More →

The average amount of forgotten pension money is 4,700 francs. keystone Oblivion has its price. This is at least the case for a growing number of Swiss job changers and movers who forget to transfer their pension. Nearly 3 billion francs ($2.98 billion) of “forgotten” pension money languishes in aboutRead More →

The average amount of forgotten pension funds is 4,700 francs. keystone Forgetting has its price. At least this is the case for a growing number of people who change jobs and move and forget to transfer their pensions. Almost 3 billion francs ($ 2.98 billion) of “forgotten” pension money languishesRead More →

Four years before the financial collapse, Goldman Sachs executive George Herbert Walker IV had much to be thankful for. “I have been fortunate enough to be part of the leadership teams of US restructuring, European privatizations, global pension management and now investments in hedge funds and private equity,” he saidRead More →

DAVOS, Switzerland – Another leading figure in the financial industry is warning major pension systems to refrain from investing retirees’ money in hedge funds. In a meeting Thursday at the World Economic Forum, billionaire investor George Soros cited the management fees charged by hedge funds as saying it is unwiseRead More →

Full board credit: your weekly income at £ 177.10 if you are single your joint weekly income of £ 270.30 if you have a partner You can get additional amounts if you have other responsibilities and costs. The top-up and the additional amounts are called “guarantee credit”. If you haveRead More →

You must live in England, Scotland or Wales and be of statutory retirement age to be eligible for pension credit. If you are from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you and your family usually also need settlement or pre-settlement status under the settlement program of the EU toRead More →

At least £25bn of pension funds pulled from UK stocks last year as ‘race to the bottom’ gathers pace Friday, December 16, 2011 According to new research from the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF), private sector employers in the UK are increasingly abandoning generous defined benefit (DB) pension schemes.Read More →