Pension Credit Eligibility: How to Claim the £3,000 DWP Increase


10/11/2021 –

As up to one million additional retirees across the UK are deemed to be entitled to Pension creditaccording to Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)the calculations of.

The number is for those who are eligible for the benefit but are not yet claiming it, raising doubts as to whether they know they are eligible to claim the benefit.

What is Pension Credit?

The pension credit can help supplement retirement income, even if a person already has another source of payments. Owning a home or having savings does not prevent anyone from qualifying for the pension credit.

Pension Credit is, however, an earnings-related benefit for people in the UK who are over state pension age, providing a weekly top-up to their earnings. Individuals can choose to receive it every two or four weeks.

How do I apply for the pension credit?

The pension credit is available to single pensioners, including widows and widowers, and to couples.

In order to calculate whether or not you qualify using the Pension Credit Calculator, you will need details of your income, benefits and pensions, as well as details of your savings and investments.

It is possible to start an application four months before reaching state retirement age, or you can apply anytime after reaching that age. However, payments can only be backdated three months.

To claim the pension credit you will need: your national insurance number; income, savings and investment information; and your bank details if you apply by mail or by telephone.

You can also apply online if you have already applied for a state pension or if there are no children or young people included in the application.

To check your eligibility, you can call 0800 99 1234 or use the Pension credit calculator on