Pension credit: what you will get

Full board credit:

  • your weekly income at £ 177.10 if you are single
  • your joint weekly income of £ 270.30 if you have a partner

You can get additional amounts if you have other responsibilities and costs.

The top-up and the additional amounts are called “guarantee credit”.

If you have a severe disability

You could get an extra £ 67.30 per week if you get any of the following:

  • Attendance allowance
  • the average or higher rate of the care component of the disability living allowance (DLA)
  • the daily life component of the personal independence payment (SEED)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

If you are caring for another adult

You could get an additional £ 37.70 per week if:

  • you receive the care allowance
  • you have applied for care allowance but do not receive payment because you are already receiving another allowance for a higher amount

If you and your partner have both applied for or are receiving care allowance, you can both benefit from this additional amount.

If you are responsible for children or young people

You could get an extra £ 54.60 per week for each child or young person you are responsible for. This amount is increased to £ 65.10 per week for the first child if born before 6 April 2017.

The child or young person must live with you normally and be under the age of 20.

If they are 16 or over and under 20, they must be (or accepted for):

  • approved training, such as Foundation Apprenticeships
  • a non-advanced teaching course (e.g. they study for GCSE or A levels)

If they are in school, it must be more than 12 hours per week on average.

If you get tax credits, you cannot get that extra amount of child care pension credit. But you may be eligible for child tax credits.

If the child or adolescent is disabled

If the child or teenager is disabled, you can also benefit from an additional amount:

  • £ 29.66 per week if they get DLA Where SEED
  • £ 92.54 per week if blind or receiving the highest care component of DLA, or the improved daily life component of SEED

If you have accommodation costs

You might get an additional amount to cover your housing costs, such as:

  • ground rent if your property is leased
  • some service charge
  • charges for tents and pitch rentals

The amount you could get depends on your housing costs.

If you get a pension credit, you may also be eligible for:

If you have savings or a second pension

You could get the “savings credit” part of the pension credit if both of the following conditions apply:

  • you reached the legal retirement age before April 6, 2016
  • you have saved money for retirement, for example a personal or professional pension

You will get up to £ 14.04 in savings credit per week if you are single. If you have a partner you will get up to £ 15.71 per week.

You can still get a savings loan even if you don’t get the secured loan portion of the retirement loan.

Other help if you get pension credit

If you get a pension credit, you will automatically receive cold weather payments.

You will also be able to:

Find out how much you could get

Use the pension credit calculator to determine how much you could earn.

Contact the Pensions Service hotline if you are not sure if you are entitled to additional amounts.

How you get paid

All benefits, pensions and allowances are usually paid into an account, for example a bank account.