State retirement age: Pension credit recipients could get £ 25 hike in winter | Personal Finances | Finance

The £ 25 boost is provided by the Cold Weather Payment, which is available to people who are on certain benefits, such as the pension credit. The payment is one of the many income supplements available to UK retirees each winter.

Eligible persons must receive their payment within 14 days of each cold spell.

The Cold Weather Payment is not the same as the Winter Fuel Payment, which provides between £ 100 and £ 300 to help Brits pay their heating bills.

Receiving cold weather payment does not affect a person’s ability to claim other benefits.

How to claim

The good news for those eligible for the cold weather payment is that they won’t need to apply. Anyone who is entitled to it will be automatically paid.

However, any pensioner who thinks he should have received the payment but did not receive it should contact the Pensions Department.

Retirees who are hospitalized should notify the Pension Service as this could affect their payment.

What is the pension credit?

The pension credit is a benefit which provides additional income to people who have reached the statutory retirement age, which is currently 66 in the UK, and who are on low incomes.

Singles who receive a pension credit could see their income increase to as much as £ 177.10 per week, while those who are married or in a civil partnership could benefit from an increased weekly income of £ 270.30 between them.

Obviously, this only applies to people whose income would otherwise be less than these amounts. Income is calculated as the total amount of the claimant’s state pension, other pensions, income from employment and self-employment, and most social security benefits, such as care allowance .

However, the following benefits are not counted as income: care allowance, Christmas bonus, child allowance, living allowance for disabled people, personal independence allowance, social fund payments such as fuel allowance for winter, housing allowance and reduction of municipal tax.

Savings and investments worth over £ 10,000 will also be considered.

People who have deferred their state pension will still see the amount they would receive included in their income calculation.

In addition to the extra money it provides, pension credit recipients may be eligible for a host of other benefits. These include a free TV license for people aged 75 or over, NHS dental help, glasses, and transport costs for hospital appointments.

Anyone wishing to apply for a pension credit can do so up to four months before reaching retirement age, and requests can also be backdated by up to three months for those who apply after reaching retirement age. retirement age.