“The pension credit is there if you need it” – Ruth Jones, MP for Newport West

We are now truly in the new year of 2022 and the Chinese New Year has passed on February 1st. I send my best wishes to those marking this celebration.

I had hoped to write this article when Sue Gray’s report on the parties at 10 Downing Street was published in full. Sadly we only had 12 pages of a 500 page report and are now stuck in limbo waiting for the Metropolitan Police to investigate.

As many media reported, the Prime Minister did not apologize. He smiled and laughed, sometimes putting on a serious face to say he’s sorry people feel the way they feel. His usual “I’m sorry you feel angry” is not a sincere apology!

We now know that the Prime Minister was partying when the country was locked down.

I have been contacted by people in Newport West who have not been able to see dying friends or family members, who have not been able to hug their grandchildren and who have not been able to attend funerals or at weddings.

These voters are rightly upset with the sheer contempt shown by the Prime Minister and his government.

The Prime Minister flouted his own laws and is now under investigation by the police. So any apology from him must be accompanied by a resignation, or it’s no apology at all. I can’t wait for him to finally do the right thing.

On a more positive note, I would like to highlight Pension Credit. Across the UK we have a huge under-claim of this important benefit. Two out of five people eligible for the pension credit do not claim it. It’s a vital safety net that’s just not being used by everyone who needs it.

The pension credit is made up of two parts and, depending on your eligibility, will supplement your earnings up to a guaranteed minimum. It also comes with plenty of other benefits, such as free NHS dental care, a goggle cost claim, cold weather payments and a free TV license. It is therefore vital that eligible people apply and it is very easy to do so by calling the free Pension Credit Application Line on 0800 99 1234.

Age UK has done an amazing job in this area, and if you have any questions about eligibility or any issues please call them on 0800 055 6112

• My office continues to support the people of Newport West so if you have a question or need help please contact us on [email protected] or 01633 256268. We also continue to have virtual surgeries regular. If you would like an appointment, please get in touch.