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People aged 75 or over who apply for a pension credit will be able to obtain a free television license from the public broadcaster. By law, TV licenses are required to watch or record live TV programs on any of your devices. In addition, it is necessary to download or stream all BBC programs from iPlayer whether live, on demand or catch up.

Currently, a TV license costs £ 159 (£ 53.50 for black and white TVs) for homes and businesses.

A TV license for a property covers all devices, including TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

TV licenses are not required to watch non-BBC programs on catch-up services or to stream non-live content from certain streaming services, such as Netflix.

As of today, free TV licenses are only available to people aged 75 or over if they apply for pension credit. If a pension credit applicant lives in a household, the entire household is eligible for the “free” benefit.

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According to the TV Licensing website, anyone who thinks they are eligible to receive a free TV license should call 0300 790 6117 if they don’t have one.

Calling this number will allow applicants to speak to one of the TV Licensing advisors who can submit an application form request.

After completing the application form, the process to finally get a free license may take a few weeks.

All potential applicants must already be beneficiaries of the pension credit for their application to be accepted, or have a partner who is.


On its website, TV Licensing states: “If you or your partner does not receive pension credit, you will have to continue paying for your license.

“If you live in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, different conditions may apply.

“We recommend that you apply for a free TV license for over 75 years old when you are 74 years old. It makes it easy when you’re 75.

“If your application is accepted, you will still have to pay for your TV license until your 75th birthday. Therefore, please do not change or cancel your current payment method. “

“And you can pay in weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or yearly installments the same way.

“We want to continue to listen and respond to comments from Age UK, and others as well. “

To date, more than nine out of ten households over the age of 75 have made arrangements for a free or paid license, according to the BBC.

Alternatively, they updated the BBC on changes in their circumstances, which is in line with the British people at large.

Anyone aged 74 or over, who is currently receiving pension credit, is encouraged to start their application to receive a free BBC television license.