UK benefit updates: the latest information on pension credit, universal credit …


16/11/2021 –

The UK Governments benefit plans see types and amounts change frequently, especially as the end of the year approaches. There will be advantages as the Cold weather payments that are activated, while there are also changes to Universal Credit, Pension credit and Household support fund. Make sure to follow this UK Benefits Live Blog for the latest news and updates on UK government plans and how to re-access available payments.

Following the UK’s autumn 2021 budget, significant changes have been made to Universal Credit and to Benefits in the UK for over 60s, so it can be quite confusing. That’s why we have this live, up-to-date guide here.

Universal Credit

Already there has been a reduction to Benefits of Universal Credit in UK, with the additional 20 pounds a week that was paid during the pandemic being withdrawn again in October. It was a controversial decision and one that will see the Benefits of universal credit for 2022 reached a lower rate than in 2021.

The autumn budget brought good news, however, as British Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that a Universal “declining rate” credit must be reduced by 8 percent. So instead of losing 63 pence in benefits for every pound earned over the working allowance, it comes down to 55 pence.

Highlights of universal credit

The main scenario with Universal Credit is the lifting loss of 20 pounds per week. there is no doubt. While this has already been removed, there are still calls for it to be reinstalled.

Then there are the global talks on universal credit, with opposition MPs saying the payments were too low anyway. Boris Johnson’s government is unlikely to increase minimums, but if he does, we’ll cover any changes on our UK Benefits live blog.

Pension credit

The Pension credit benefits take the form of extra money to help people over retirement age with low income. It is usually allocated to housing costs.

It is important to note that Pension Credit is different from the state pension. This is a separate bonus payment and these additional payments are due before Christmas 2021.

UK benefit updates: the latest information on pension credit, universal credit ...

Highlights of pension credit

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) estimate that a million more retirees across the UK are eligible for the pension credit and could be eligible for a 3,000 pound boost. This is great news.

For those who want to know if they are eligible, they will need a national insurance number, income, savings and investment information, and bank details when applying by mail or phone. .

Cold weather payments

It’s November and it’s getting cold. While this may be frightening for some, there is help available from the government in the form of Cold weather payments. Also known as Help with the heating bill, these payments are designed to ensure that seniors can afford to pay to heat their homes during the winter.

Programs and amounts available tend to change from year to year, so it’s worth checking for the most up-to-date information.

UK benefit updates: the latest information on pension credit, universal credit ...

Highlights of cold weather payments

As is the case every winter, there are concerns that not all retirees receive the right amount in winter payments. There are a number of government tools that can verify eligibility to help with this.

At this blog live and in our UK News section, we will also bring the latest information on cold weather payments to ensure that no one loses the money they are entitled to.

Child benefits

Child benefits increased by 0.50% in 2021, which was good news for UK families, given that up to 7.28 million families received child benefit in 2020.

Now as we prepare to enter 2022, families want to know the latest updates on Child benefit payments in the UK. So do we, and we’ll bring you the latest updates here.

UK benefit updates: the latest information on pension credit, universal credit ...

Highlights of family allowances

A big topic of discussion right now for the millions of people who claim Family allowances in the UK is Christmas, parents hoping the money will come soon so they can spend it on making Christmas 2021 one to remember.

There is also some uncertainty around this time of year, however, with the payment schedule changing slightly due to the large number of holidays at the end of December. We have information on these adjustments in the following guides.

Household support fund

The UK Household Support Fund is a program that will help households through small grants, helping people meet their daily needs and buy things like food, clothing and utilities. Supervised by Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey, the government hopes this will help vulnerable households.

There is £ 500 million in the Household Support Fund, so this is an important government initiative.

UK benefit updates: the latest information on pension credit, universal credit ...

Highlights of the Household Assistance Fund

With the Household Support Fund, a new program, many questions are currently being asked about its operation.

Here in our UK News section we will provide all the details of the Payment process and eligibility criteria for the Household Support Fund. We’ve already produced the guide below to get you started.

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