UK leaders call on pension funds to invest more in them

In September, it plans to issue the first green gilt for institutional investors to help fund government green commitments, and plans to unveil a new long-term investment vehicle, the Long-Term Asset Fund, this fall. The UK-UAE sovereign investment partnership investing £ 1bn ($ 1.4bn) in science-based technology sectors could be a model for other investment funds, they said in the letter.

“To seize this moment, we need a Big Bang investment, to unlock the hundreds of billions of pounds from UK institutional investors and use it to spur the UK’s recovery,” wrote the MM. Johnson and Sunak. Unless they impose more investment, “the government is doing everything possible (…)

“We recognize that there is no one ‘right answer’ to the amount that should be invested in these asset classes over the long term. Some funds are already very active, others – for good reason – are not, ”they said.

“But we firmly believe this is an issue that all institutional investors should consider,” they added.

Jack Inglis, CEO of the Alternative Investment Management Association, whose members collectively manage more than $ 2 trillion in hedge fund and private credit assets, said his group was part of the government’s task force on productive finance trying to make life easier for defined contribution schemes in the UK. to broaden their investment choices.

“Investing in less liquid and alternative assets can drive good retirement outcomes for UK investors, and we welcome the government acknowledging this in the Prime Minister’s letter to the UK investment industry,” Nick said Smith, director of AIMA’s Alternative Credit Council, in a statement. statement sent by email.