Volunteer runs away with pension money, lover | Vijayawada News

Vijayawada: The state government uses the volunteer service to deliver welfare programs at people’s doorsteps. On the first day of each month, volunteers will go door to door to distribute pensions and other social assistance.
However, some volunteers behave negligently and delay the payment of pensions. They also try to pocket pension money. Recently, in Guntur district, a volunteer ran away with pension money. Mr. Ravi Gopal (26 years old), volunteer of Bollapalli mandal of Moogachintalapalem, fled with his girlfriend before handing over the pensions to the beneficiaries.
Beneficiaries in the neighborhood brought the matter to the attention of the village secretariat staff. When the secretariat staff inquired, it was revealed that Ravi had pocketed the money (45,000) and fled with his girlfriend.
Ravi was already married and has children. When the staff raised the issue with his father who is a farm worker, he paid the amount after taking out a loan. The staff then distributed the pensions to the people.
However, the locals are angry at Ravi for looting people’s money. On the other hand, the relatives of his girlfriend filed a complaint with the police.
A similar incident had taken place in Anantapur district in the past. A volunteer who wanted to embezzle pension money hatched a plan and created an ‘incident’ in which ‘unidentified’ people beat him and stole the money. However, the police investigation revealed this true story.
In another incident, a female volunteer from Vijayanagaram duped people out of around 3 crore in the name of chits. All of the victims were day laborers and roadside fruit and vegetable vendors. There was also an incident in which thieves attacked a volunteer who was carrying pension funds for distribution at Piduguralla in Guntur district.